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PVP rating reset

Jan 11, 2011
Hi! i love to duel for fun, but now my rating is a bit high so i have a hard time finding players to duel, so is it possible to reset my rank(just for me) to zero again?

Sep 21, 2010
Oct 30, 2011
Scot Hunter Life 9... on Jan 16, 2014 wrote:
I think you have to wait for the new age
Well, personally, I hope that there isn't a new age. It would be annoying to get over 2300 rank again. It would be amazing to have an option to reset rank; I wouldn't have to rank down 1000 rating whenever I level up lower level warlords to high level to try a different type of pvp. I do think that, if this were implemented, people with lower than 500 rank should not be able to reset it. That could be a massive gain to people, to gain hundreds of rank with the click of a button. Or, perhaps it cost gold or crowns to reset rating. That would be an interesting option to add. Personally, I like the idea.