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PvP Ranking Glitches/Hacks? Needs Fixing

Feb 14, 2010
During my PvP matches, I have noticed when my opponent is on the breach of losing, he/she seems to just pause not attack for a couple of rounds. I assume they give up or went afk. But recently, I noticed once I have won the duel, I gained the arena tickets and my points, but the opponent gained no tickets and did not lose any ranking at all. I was a PvP Knight and my opponent was a PvP Commander, so my opponent was suppose to lose major points. I believe this is some sort of glitch or hack and hopefully will come to an end so everyone will be able to play fairly.

Oct 24, 2009
That, I've heard.

Is called 'Glitching out'.

Most people know about this now.

When you're about to lose, you do this glitch, ta-da you're out of there.
You log back on, you won't lose a single point, and instead, still get tickets. (Tickets part is heard from my friend.)

Either that, or just got disconnected, like me (horrible connection these days).

Getting disconnected shouldn't lose you a single point.

Personally, I don't mind if people do that. I've stumbled across people who do that.
I'm actually thankful, it's like...

Me: -attacks-
Opponent: -almost dead but idles-
-Rounds after-
Opponent: -disppears-
Me: "Why thanks."

Sep 29, 2008
you may not mind now but when you face them 4 times win 3 and they win 1 and get higher rank cause they never lost any you get ticked.