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Oct 14, 2009
dear kingsisle i feel the the ranking system for pvp is no longer fair and i know of many others who completely agree with me first when you pvp saying at 38 you fight a lvl 45 and if you win you only win 6 or 7 points BUT if you lose you lose 22 or more even when they are a higher lvl then you while pvping on my balance this happened to me every match i either won 3-6 points or lost 20-24 when i was level 28 or 30 35 doesnt matter which level i would always fight someone that was at least 10 higher or more and if i barely won against them i win nothing for all that hard work but when i lose i lose everything i worked so hard and long to get so i need to win 4 wins more to make up for that 1 lose its is COMPLETELY UNFAIR plz change this so if the lower level wins it gets more points and if the higher one wins it gets less that is WAY more fair just PLZ change it it makes ranking up nearly impossible for anyone but a grand and even sometimes with grands