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PvP Ranked Matching System

Dec 24, 2011
Hi, I'm a level 78 Death PvP Warlord, and recently I feel I haven't been placed with the right wizards to duel against. I keep getting matched up (it's been 5 different times in a row now) with level 95 Storm wizards that just spam wild bolt on me and critical every turn. I am not even level 80 yet. I find it completely unfair that they can just dominate me like that because I am not at their level. Please do something about this KI.

Oct 04, 2010
I agree, I'm sick of spending my well earned money on crowns then, losing a match to a level 60+. I wish they would change this as well, it would be well appreciated and would benefit players drastically.

- Scarlet Moonstone lvl 41