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PvP Player vs. Pets?

Apr 18, 2010
travisAk wrote:

Let me ask you a question Solstice, Do you enter a legendary ranked PvP match without waterworks gear? Farming for gear is preparation, crafting gear from regents could also be considered preparation, the accumulation of arena tickets for arena gear purchase and treasure cards are also preparation, none of these things are handed to you in the game and I don't see you complaining about any of that. Oh wait, you did complain about wanting new arena gear like your buddies on central but should that be easier to get too because people like you don't want to invest their time into earning it? Clearly it gives one side the advantage right? Where do you draw your lines? Does it start at pets and end at hats?, because I've already stated that hats are unfair and those really good crafted ones are too hard to get.

Yes. I do wear waterworks gear. I have the crafted healing rings. My magus has arena gear. I also think these things are just as bad as pets, its just that this topic is on pets. You also completely ignored my example. I'll repeat is for you:

Solstice64 wrote:
Lets say the competition is basketball. Now, to become a good player, you need to practice. You may need to buy good shoes and a uniform, but most of your effort goes into practice. Now, lets say you have to sew your own clothes. That is what pet training is. I have nothing wrong with going to the store and buying your good clothes (your pet) but when you have to sew it (train and hatch it) it becomes a problem. In pvp, most of my effort goes into pet training, not practicing to become good at pvp or deck construction. Basicly, why should I be forced to create my good gear? Its beyond preparation, its a whole different hobby.

The whole point of this is "its beyond preparation, its a whole different hobby." What separates good basketball players from the bad isn't who is better at sewing, but who spends more time practicing or who has more skill. Would you consider pet training or farming for gear practicing for pvp? I don't. Like I said before, do people who play basket ball make their own shoes? No. So then why do we have to create our own pets? Or farm for our own gear?

travisAK wrote:
Actually I just deleted my only perfect pet (well mistakingly sold it for 50 gold) and have to pick up the pieces and head back to the hatchery, true story so don't jump to conclusions... KI was gracious enough to give me a baby base giftcard version back to pour salt in the wound which was deleted on purpose this time rather quickly. Your complaint about pets in pvp and the hatching process is rather weak if you ask me and I'm getting bored debating it with you.

Then I was wrong to assume that.

From my point of view, your argument is weak, but then again, we are on the opposite ends of it. Just because you think my argument is weak does mean it is, and vica versa. Now, why is my argument weak?

I am growing bored of are argument as well as we aren't getting anywhere. I think you think that I have something against pet training, so I might start my own topic as my argument isn't the same as the OP's.

May 10, 2010
Solstice64 wrote:
thorvon65 wrote:
...With a pet you have to actually put time and effort in to get the results, treasure carding is just using a short cut to win a PvP and not really trying to use your own wits to win, However if you want an advantage in the arena you should have to work for it, and nothing is harder in wizard101 then getting a perfect pet for PvP. I would rather see no shortcuts, and if you want to win you should have to win by your own skill not another school's spell that you simply bought. So ya i really think the exact opposite pets are great.

This is probably what annoys me most. I play wizard101 to pvp, not to pet train. Why should I spend months and months on my pet just to succeed in pvp? Take away shortcuts? There shouldn't be a need for shortcuts. If it was a perfect world, KI would program a separate game for pvp, where they give you your perfect pet, ww gear, crafted gear or whatever else you need. That way I can do what I enjoy PVP, not pet training, farming, leveling, or crafting.

That is just it Soltice, PvP is about all aspects of the Wizard101 game... It is not just about who has better skill at playing a card...

You level up, why? To gain health, more spells, accuracy, pips, etc...
You wear gear, why? To gain health, accuracy, pips, etc...
Do you get any of this right off the bat? Nope

You have to earn and work for everything you get... Now, some people yes, they have their crown gear items... Even in the beginning stages, the only good crown gear item, is the wand, it gives an extra pip... Other than that, not much... Pets can give 15 resist, cast spritely, and boost damage by 6...

Yes, that is, if! you get a perfect pet... Which does take a lot of time and energy, but so does getting to Legendary...

Most people that play this game, have it easy... They have 1 to 3 characters... A few have 6...

I have 12... And I almost have a perfect pet for each of them... Now that! Is a lot of time and effort..... But, it also took a lot of time and effort into getting them their legendary gear, all their spells, their mastery amulets, etc...

This is one area we are not going to agree on, it is like going into a classic battle, you have almost all your armor on, but you are wearing socks?

Most people don't like the pet games, don't like to garden, heck I didn't, but I garden to get mega snacks and treasure cards, which in turn, helps me train the pet which has the talents I want... Everything has it's place...

Dec 21, 2008
I have a feeling people purposely bring certain pets to PvP so they can pwn everyone o:

May 10, 2010
Rihanna12 wrote:
I have a feeling people purposely bring certain pets to PvP so they can pwn everyone o:

Well, why would you bring a knife to a gun fight?

Why would you bring dice to a game of cards?

You wouldn't... You bring the best there is for what you are doing... Being prepared is the best thing to do, and if you are not prepared, who's fault is it?

Apr 18, 2010
I think I've said this before, but its that important, and I might as well leave this argument on this.

I play wizard101 to pvp, not to pet train.

Don't even think about saying anything with the word "preparation" in it. I've played other games with pvp (not MMO's) and they required little preparation, I spent no more than a day to be able to be fully competitive (not strategy wise, but the equivalent of gear wise.) So why does wizard101 take so much effort to be competitive gear wise. I don't mind training to become better at pvp, but unrelated things bug me.