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PvP Options

Aug 13, 2009
I would like to see a few options introduced to the PvP selection process to tailor a game more to my preferred way of playing.

The two options I would like are:

No healing spells. (I find healing spells can really slow a match down, and takes some of the strategy out selecting spells based on the health of the opponent.)

No Treasure Cards. (I don't use Treasure Cards in PvP. I want to save them for monster duels. But I hate it when I've nearly defeated an opponent of about the same level and rank as myself and am about to deliver the final blow, when suddenly a ruddy great elephant thing or three-headed dragon blasts me with thousands of points of damage.

I realise that applying either or both of these options would greatly limit the number of players online that would be available to battle, but I imagine a menu screen such as:

Rules selection:
Standard Rules
No Healing
No Treasure cards
Any Rules

The Any Rules option would take the player to the first match regardless of which rules would apply.

Of course, I have selected the rules I would like to choose. I'm sure that there are many other players who would like to apply rules such as :

No Wild Bolt
No Beguile
No Stun

... and all the other spells players complain about in these and other forums.

So perhaps the idea is unworkable.

Forget I mentioned it. :(