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pvp not fair do to lvl difrence

Dec 16, 2009
im sorry for complaining guys but this could not be helped i dont feel that
pvp is fair becuse im lvl 25 and im being thrown in to battles with people 5-
9 lvls higher then me i mean seriously how am i saposed to win like that not
to say that im selfish and want to win every match but wow 5-9 lvls abuve
me is just way to much if any thing 25s shouldnt be fighting any one higher
then 26 becuse think about it lvl 25 you can get new pvp gear right lvl 26 you get new spells and well lvl 30 is a hole new bracket of stuff to get its like puting a lvl 1 aginst a lvl 10 i mean come on KI needs a bracket for there pvp system there needs to be a maximum and a minimum lvl for pvp for each bracket for example 20-26 is a bracket witch would help a lot of people out think about it this way you know what your working for i feel that when i go in to a match and im being thrown in with a if there are brackes like this in the game could some one tell me pleas like 1-5 lvls i need to know what im upaginst if im going to be sucsessful i mean i made vetrans my first 3 days of playing at lvl 15 sorry for bad grammer

May 31, 2009
I agree totally I have gone in kicked butt got as far as captian then bam I am up against guys with twice my health and throwing spells at least 10 levels above mine. Are there not people within 5 levels either way of me that I can fight?

Feb 03, 2010
I actually TOTALLY agree and another thing I think is that KI should set up the ranks to fight the same ranks like Priavtes vs Privates

Morgan SparkleBringer
Level 22, Death In Marleybone

Nov 23, 2008
I like the level bracket idea for like every5-10 levels or you could do anyone but ltos of lower people dont play so I think you would need to have dont mind option for brackets as well. Also about the private vs private and such I am sorry but it is a HORRIBLE IDEA! Sorry but after it came out you would see why. I play another game and people'' xfer or ninja'' there way down so they can fight lower people. On this game people would just lose on purpose so all the bad people would be versing the best and the best people would ''xfer or ninja'' their rating down and can fight very low levels for easy wins and tickets then just win their way back up to good rating again.

Jan 30, 2009
either way you can still lose easily due to the bolts and junk

no offense

Aaron water blade:ice grandmaster
wolf legend: storm lvl 48
Ryan legend: balance lvl 15


Dec 16, 2009
well im now lvl 26 and i beat a lvl 35 to day it cost me 2 tresure cards cough reshuffle hehe but i beat him and he was a ice wizard and im a lvl 26 life wizard but yeah i think the pvp would be much better if they did the lvl brackets oh and by the way im now a knight yay

Dec 23, 2009
As a multiple grandmaster warlord, this just sounds like awful whining. You want to see REAL problems finding an equal match? Get to 50 and have a four-digit ranking sometime.

I'd trade my dilemma for yours all day and twice on Sunday.