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PvP needs to stop showing loses and ranking down

Jan 22, 2014
This bothers me too much because I don't want people to see how much you lost in pvp and it is unfair to me that you rank down. I really want a fair pvp system that doesn't have ranking down. It is so sad I saw a wizard with 0 pvp rating and with over 150 loses and only 1 win isn't that sad I just feel bad for that wizard. I have over 15 loses and 3 wins and I don't want people to see my loses and rating can Kingsisle do SOMETHING to make it more "fair" and easy to rank up

Aug 20, 2011

I think you might just need to do Practice PvP from now on. Losses are a harmless statistic. The only thing they can possibly hurt is your ego, and in my experience, nothing in the world tastes any better when you pair it with ego waffles.

May 12, 2009
that can't work really because then a persons rank would only matter on how often they were in the arena and it wouldnt reflect skill at all for example you could have someone with 50 wins 0 losses and they would have a much much lower rank then a person with 1000 wins but 2000 losses, so it would not reflect on the skill of the pvper but rather how often they pvped and that itself isnt all to fair i agree that maybe there could be a way to hide your rank to people but i dont see them adding that anytime soon, for now just practice and you'll get better it comes with time
William DawnCloud lvl 100 commander
Liam RainSpear lvl 61 overlord

Oct 22, 2009
The person with 1 win 150 losses did that on purpose.

Don't feel bad for them.