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Pvp needs this

May 08, 2014
I was playing as my level 60 ice wiz and yes I am a warlord but the game keeps putting me up against level 90-100 privates or corporals with OP hades gear OP attack OP defense and OP Critical and critical block oh and did I mention the have OP shadow magic as well.
And that's when It occurred to me, pvp needs the option to choose matching by level that way you can go up against people of your level instead of being match with people of a way higher level not to mention the only pvp gear I have is the chest plate which doesn't do much against OP attack and defense. KI really needs to fix this cause a lot of people are getting mad at pvp because of the matching system.

Oct 10, 2010
I have thought about the same issue for some time, as my level 19 going up against a Level 58
was a bit of a concern. I would like to see two items changed, that I feel would improve PvP greatly.

1. Put a Level limit, 90 and below in one group, and 91 and above in a different group.
I understand this may not be possible until a new world has come out, but Shadow Magic
is overpowering for the lower levels.

2. Lock your player into plus 20 levels above and below. This way a level 30 could face a level
50, but certainly not a level 80 or 90.