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PvP matches should have time before starting

Aug 21, 2009
Many players have slower computers than others, that is simply how it is and not much can be done about that. The slower computers take more time to load between worlds and to enter pvp arenas and the like. Once in a world such players and computers seem to be as fast as everyone else. A problem exists that no time is allowed to allow the slower computers to get into battles at the same time as everyone else. A person on a slower computer might take so much time that they don't make the first turn on a 4v4 table, which makes the match 3v4 while the slower player is ported to the arena, is there, counts in terms of win and loss and points, but isn't allowed to sit and play, and typically they miss the first turn only by a second or two. A second or two is also the main difference between making the first turn upon going up a floor in a tower.

I suggest adding a ten second wait clock for players to arrive before fights begin in towers and in pvp. I'll gladly wait the extra 10 seconds in pvp so that my team can have 4 players instead of 3, lol.