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PVP Matches

Dec 20, 2008
I just spent an evening in PVP being soundly defeated in several matches and I have some comments.

First off, I had a great time! I fought some player who are very good at dueling and got the pants beat off of me by players with far fewer hit points that I have. Kudos to them!

First, be good sport. We all seem to know about bad losers. Don't be one. if you lose, do so gracefully. Yep, we all go in to win, but someone has to lose. If it's your player, then just remember it is your player on this game...not you, and it's just a battle on this game. You win some, you lose some. Just as important, but less talked about is don't be a poor winner. I understand winning is fun, but don't gloat. Frankly, players that win and gloat are not winners at all. It just makes you look insecure. If you win, please do so gracefully.

Second, don't take it personally. You are not your player. :) Your player may be an extension of who you are, but your players skills, cards, etc, are a result of how this game is programmed. Nothing about this game is a true reflection on who you are in real life. :) If it were, we would all be casting spells all day long. :) Personally, that would exhaust me more than my job..which exhausting enough without help. <G>

The pvp arena is fun and it's a great place to test new cards, test your skills and lean new ones. It should also be a great place to make new friends