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PVP match ups

Aug 13, 2013
I think that play versus player duels (PvP) match ups should be fair unlike a level 20 against a level 4
(I school) or a level 100 against a level 30, 90 against 30 80 against 15 etc. I think it is not fair and KI should make a minor update/patch up and fix this because once I had a battle level 100 against me when I was a level 6 wizard. in the next update this needs to be fixed because a wizard using on a really low level is unfair does anyone else have the same opinion? if so say yes.

Jack Battle Haven level 18,level 22, level 89 ,level 60 & level 98

Apr 29, 2014
I do not recall all of the levels but there should be a cut off. Currently you get matched up by rating which is just horrible. I believe the bracket should be wider. Similar to the tourney system but just a wider bracket. I had to fight a level 40+ forget the level at level 5 to rank. I know your pain. I feel its a down right DUH! This shouldn't be happening.