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PVP Match

Apr 02, 2009
The other night (early morning) I decided to PVP on my Life, Death, and Balance characters. Each of my characters are at least level 15s. And their health is above 1200 or near it.

Well I kept getting battles againts players who's health was 900 or less. I had one player think they could be my death character and she had 1300 health. After he said it was going to be a piece of cake I killed him.

And these players where levels 16. So the match wasn't unfair. They just never bothered to put on any cloths to up their stats. I wouldn't call it an unfair battle. They are the same level but it is up to them to get clothes that will help increase their health and stats.

I am just curious how they think they can beat a player with 1300 or more health when they only have 900 or less.

May 31, 2008
Now, you see this is possible, you just need to have good resists. Its like the Grandmasters walking about with 35% resists with 2000 health when some wizards have 3000,etc.

Also its about how you play the cards 400HP isn't that much, and with a Storm Shark,etc, can easily be taken away, or with Vampire, boosted it will also heal your enemy if attacked by it.

I am not saying keep your health at 500, have a reasonable amount of hit points, coupled with fairly good resists for your level.

Apr 02, 2009
Yea but the cloths and stuff is what helps your stats and resists and they had none. No cloths just the cloths that you start the game with. Which give you nothing.