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PVP lvl 50 vs lvl 100 EVERY MATCH ( Darkmoor )

Jul 13, 2010
hai everyone, my name is john i'm level 50 death.

i know hades gear and shadow is very op but i don't mind it too much.
what i do mind thou is darkmoor gear.

at lvl 50 everybody uses warlord gear which give about 50 resist
at lvl 100 everybody uses darkmoor gear which give about 46

but lvl 50 have 1800-2500 health
lvl 100 mostly have 4000-5500 health

at lvl 50 most people got damage around 40-60
at lvl 100 most people got damage around 90-110

at lvl 50 most have 115 block
at lvl 100 most got 250 block

at lvl 50 most got 110 critical
at lvl 100 most have 400 critical (115 usually never block)

at lvl 50 mot got pips chance of 60-77%
at lvl 100 most got pips chance of 90-105%

and at lvl 100, they have every spell a lvl 50 could have plus MORE.
yes the Shadow Enchanted Spells.

A hit from that is GG if no shield, EVEN with shield is gg if they critical and they critical ALLOT.

you say why not shield and weakness. we can do that all day and barely survive, but if we take one round to blade is GG if we don't then we can't kill with this low damage and there high resist and health.

so please consider darkmoor gear and new spells HUGE advantage and 99% guarantee of winning and make it fair for all player at all level

Jul 13, 2010
Average Grand Average Max
Health: 1800-2500 Health: 4000-5500
Damage: 40-60% Damage: 90-110
Resist: 40-54% Resist:42-52
Heal boost: 14% Heal Boost: 34%
Accuracy: 100% Accuracy: 100-110%
Critical: 110 Critical: 420
Block: 115 Block: 240-310
Pierce: 3 Pierce: 20-30
Spell: TC attacks Spell: New Darkmoor Spell

Mar 17, 2011
This easy to fix just make it like this

normal people battle
10 vs 20

30 vs 40

50 vs 60

70 vs 80

90 vs 100

warlord battles

10 vs 40

40 vs 60

60 vs 80

80 vs 100

Feb 13, 2010
im bad at pvp and i'm lvl 100 my name is cody seastone im ice if you ever see me i'm wearing the evergreen clothes if its you let me know and i'll let you beat me if you want a rank lol

Jul 13, 2010
That is very nice of you, but i dont think it would be possible to face you out of numerous player and it wouldnt be fair to have free win like that.

And pvp is all about the Stat-Deck Setup-Strategy) mostly Stat
So if u need help let me no, i got a lvl 50 death ,63 storm ,75 balance ,100 life ,100 fire ,100 myth warlord.