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PVP Loosers Exploit

Sep 29, 2008
ok so i been pvping a bit today and latey some of the people i been playing have been exploiting a glitch to not loose points when they loose then when they win they magically have a solid connection again which really ticks me off.One person said it in the middle of the match he exploited the game and lost nothing as a result by like logging onto another account then closing the pvp window and loggin back onto the regular account again or something like that and people did it to me about 4 times first time it happened and i reported him for it he threatened to hack me and my team mate it was in 2v2 his name was Malorn sunmender the 2,3 and 4th time it happened i was facing a kid names Chris who ''claimed'' to be dcd and that was why he lost no points funny tho since i faced him the 3 times and i was first each time then the 4th time i face him he is first and has no connection problem what so ever and he wins and gets some of my rank.I don't believe him frankly cause he was mostlikely a liar and the 3 times when i was facing him he was nothing but complaining and calling me a noob and saying i'm horrible i use tc like a noob etc.
I come to play pvp for fun not for stubborn cheaters and name calling that i didn't deserve.For the record i have 4 level 90 wizards and its getting on my last nerve.

Apr 18, 2010
Can you please use periods and stuff? I didn't get a word you were saying.

Jul 14, 2010
Not everyone is exploiting that bug. I lost my internet 4 times yesterday during pvp matches. Two of those matches I was winning but lost because I lost my net. The other two fights were still about even at the time. I was very upset that I lost my connection but it happens.

Nov 14, 2012
warlordperfection on Feb 2, 2013 wrote:
Can you please use periods and stuff? I didn't get a word you were saying.
It seems there is an exploit that people are using to not loose any points in pvp by simply disconnecting from a match as if there never was any. As for the name calling and stuff.. don't listen to those kids lol. Yes they are annoying, just simply ignore them. You can also lock pvp chat so you can't really see what they say.