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Pvp issues

Mar 09, 2013
pvp has changed a lot in the recent years. And I think the biggest problem is that pvp is too pay to win. For my example, I will be using lvl 60-69 (even though rn it seems to be least pay to win for warlord). Here are the problems.
1. New spells
These new spells significantly impact pvp because lots of people like to use them. Also the fact that you can Craft them at legendary with the legendary crafting badge (and by having a friend fake you to the place in Avalon to buy the spell). Even the amber isn't hard. When I made a character on a second account I did dual screen and honestly I just went to glad. It only took one day of farming and I could craft loremaster since I got all my amber. LEgeThe point being is that these craftable spells are very easy to get if your Legendary. The problem is how they favor certain classes. The two of most concern are loremaster and burning rampage. Honestly, lore is needed because I remember trying to do legend balance without lore (it's a nightmare). next is burning rampage which is honestly so stupid. I swear if you are new to the game fire is prob the easiest class to pvp with at legend. There are so many spells that fire has craftable (burning rampage, hepahsteus, Krampus, and brimstone revenant). If I had to tier the schools honestly fire and balance at the top. Myth is still really good but I still think fire is better. Ice and death are lower bc in this meta you can't slowly kill your opponent. That's why burning rampage is so good. Unless you have rly good stats on your legend ice most ppl have around 3000 health. I just hope that ki improves death. Death is absolutely the worst when it comes to legend. I have a death legend warlord so nobody can say "oh you can get warlord just strategize". No, the problem isn't that death can't get warlord. It's that you have to lose so much to get warlord. And there's literally no guides on legend deaths. All of the most are outdated. Even the ones on duelist101 are year still old.
Sorry I got off on a tangent.
2. Pets
Pets have really changed since the 2nd age. Or at least the requirements you need for a pet. I try to stay away from wards so the best route to go is triple damage double resist. I don't like mc since they are random and unreliable. The problem is that since many people have gotten the concept of pvp with it being around for soloing when privates get matched up with 50 warlords they normally lose since all 50s so is either tank or just minion and heal spam with some blades s ohnk. I mean you really can't go in with a bad pet anymore. You must have a goldmine pet even if you have all the right gear.
Miscellaneous. Pierce jewels aren't really a problem at legend. Neither is broken gear. I do find it annoying that the new wands are better than the warlord wand since most ppl are preferring the damage and pierce plus mc. Bad sportsmanship ain't a problem. Just hide chats bubbles. And don the talk if you don't need to. Hopefilly, a legendary clan rises.