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PvP is taking over

Jul 15, 2009
No offense to you pvp players, but please stop complaining. You keep on complaining about the spells. Any spell. Your complaining about players healing themselves, your complaining about death dragon you were complaining about wild bolt and now its fixed. The majority don't like it. This isn't good you guys are ruining the game for everyone. PvP was just for fun not to take over the game so you could win. Have people ever told you its just a game? Look this game is for everyone not just you guys, understand that and be fair.

Mar 15, 2009
Hey offend them they destroyed a very good game with the crying.
more regular plays need to speak up and quit letting the PvPers rule the game and tell us other paying member what spells should be "fixed" just for them.

PvPers have been offending regular paying memmber for way to long with the crying about spells just so they can stay on top in PvP and hold down other players.

Its time for regular players to stand up and make the game fair for everyone not just the PvPers.

And report all the foul language that they use,or anyone for that matter.

KI needs to stop giving to just one group of players and give to all of us fairly.

Michael RedBlood granddeath