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PVP is getting Rediculous!

Jun 23, 2010
I love to pvp and lately its getting a bit obnoxious. The people are mean and aggressive verbally, and personally it gets a bit hard to ignore. I also hate the fact that I have gone against MULTIPLE PEOPLE who do nothing but cast wild bolt in 1v1 and happen to kill me in 2 rounds...really?? How can you ban satyr trading, but allow the highest hitting card without enhancers be allowed in pvp? I'm not a big fan of the minion users in a 1v1 either it is a huge disadvantage to the ones who dont use minions themselves. Especially the death minion who performs wraith...like come on. Not trying to cause an argument, but things need to be done. I feel people may agree so I'm just throwing these things out there.

Apr 27, 2009
Ok, block your chat during dueling, stack up on storm shields and other shields to counter wild bolt or get dissipate, minions are part of the game, get over it

Dec 21, 2008
i am myth and we are supposed to have the best minions.
death's best minion, wraith, is too good! it can get power pips! it also has over 1000 health. this makes the battle turn into a ds boss battle. even if you dont have a minion out. o and death minions can use kraken. myth's best one in pvp, cyclops, has the health of a ice novice and our best health minon is no good in pvp. the death minion really needs to be fixed. o and bolt has gone way out of hand. they wear there best accuracy gear, keen eyes bolt. sometimes accurate or sniper. then when they use it, halfway dead. almost dead. dead. so in2 to 4 turns your dead against storm. and balance, all you people that keep on saying great, another complaint about judgement are just trying to act smart. you think we enjoy being killed in one hit in pvp? and there really is not great defense against it. treasure tower, tower, ice armor, weakness, treasure weakness, judgment attacks and gues what, dead! and balance even has so much health, it makes it harder to beat. and great accuracy and high pip chance. they are just unbeatable. i only beat balance one time because i earth his blades away. i know judgment is balance's only good spell but this spell has gone way over the good spell meter! it is way too strong. heckhound is stronger but it never seems to work. ice armor doesnt work either. myth has the worst x spell though. our x spell only goes up to 4 pips. dryad is k though. temp is good too because it can at least be blocked! i think there should be something done about the death x spell and judgment( who every says sigh, another complaint about judgment is just trying to act smart).

Jun 23, 2010
nlhf1995 wrote:
Ok, block your chat during dueling, stack up on storm shields and other shields to counter wild bolt or get dissipate, minions are part of the game, get over it

& its these people with the snotty comments that are usually the ones we are complaining about.

Aug 14, 2009
explain this, i went to 3v3 pvp with my 2 friends. A lvl 37 pyromancer and a lvl 33 life, and i am lvl 33 balance and we get put against a LVL 34, A LVL 47 AND A LVL 50. explain that to me