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PvP is awesome!! Let us not forget ;)

Jul 18, 2009
Let's just have fun!

Hey guys, Jack Flame here! Just wanted to send a quick message kind of verifying my feelings on A: How Zafaria and level 70 Transcended will effect PvP and peoples opinions about it; B: Just running through some peoples feelings about the PvP dilemma we have today. This is an open post; all opinions are accepted no matter if you agree or disagree.

Part l:

Zafaria and how it's going to effect PvP

        First off, New Spells!!!! Ohh yeahh I've been doing a little reading and it looks like some people (not storm school wizards) seem to be..worried we will call it, that the new spell "Sirens" is to fully loaded. One thing to remember is that to get a fully loaded spell, your gonna need fully loaded pips. Sirens costs 9 pips, that's an awful lot of pips; and an awful lot of time for the opposing team to prepare. Personally I don't think I will be using Sirens very much in 3v3 or 4v4. It's an extra 2 pips then storm lord, and storm lord is still a pretty good spell. I don't really think the smokescreen with the spell is worth the 1 power pip. Another thing guys, Did anyone look into the crafting recipes? Most have storm resist added in them. Ding Ding Ding! There's your answer to counter it. There are also shields, of course. And plagues, smokescreens etc. To PREVENT sirens from striking or at least weakening the hit. Honestly, I wouldn't be to worried about it.

       The new crafted ice gear! ohhh boy oh boy did anyone take a look at at least the hat and robe!? Danggg it's sweet! But to sweet is the question for some of you? Well, maybe, and maybe not. Ices will have 2 choices now...The Waterworks Gear, or this crafted gear. Honestly I think they have the same value, because for the crafted gear, it gives universal AND more storm and fire resist. But the crafted gear gives less universal resist then Waterworks. The reason the crafted gear has storm and fire resist is because Storm and Fire got the strongest spells for level 68. You can't deny that, look at the spells, they have the biggest numbers. So really nothing has changed, except if your storm or fire, your damage may be reduced, but it won't be weaker then any other schools. Therefore I've come t the conclusion of one thing from these 2 paragraphs; storm ISN'T to overpowered. If you still dont agree, call me up when you have a defender pig with Spritely, SpellProof, Spell Defy, and Stormproof. Then we'll talk. If you don't have that pet, and still complain? Then I'm sorry but then you don't truly care about what your complaining about if your not willing to put in the effort. 

Part ll: Spamming.

        Spamming can be really anything in general. Blades, Smokescreen, Healing, Eating a cheeseburger everyday. That is if spamming existed. 

        Honestly, I don't believe in spamming. It's their choice of cards, so deal with it. It's not going to change. Kingsisle is not going to make a rule saying oh hey only 2 cards in a row! I know sometimes it puts you in spots that makes you angry but complaining is going to get you absolutely no where. There are still gonna be people out there who say..ok? We don't care if your mad? That's never going to change. I know it stinks but there isn't much you can do, besides being smart. There are ways to change things guys. This new lvl 65 Staff with 13% Accuracy will help with smokescreen "spamming'. Sharp shot is a great pet talent to get to help with that to. There is always a way guys. You may not win every single time against "spammers" but it will be effective I promise you. Because I'm not gonna lie, Repeatedly using smokescreen is a pretty good strategy. But you can be better people then that. You can also be smarter then that. There is always a way to fix things, without plying to Kingsisle. It just takes a little hard work.

      Part lll: Reporting and Sportsmanship

      This is my favorite because sometimes I can get a pretty good laugh out of it. When people say I'm going to report you for using more then 1 account in PvP (I get this a lot using 4) Lol. For the last time, and I cannot stress this enough, besides using inappropriate language or harassment, You can't report anyone for anything. If they are being annoying, just hit the ignore button, it's what it's there for. You can't report someone for using spells they chose and put in their deck. Period. And even when they do "Spam" or do something you don't like, its always good to say good game. Under one exception, if the opposing team is being rude or disrespectful, then just hit the ignore button, and say nothing at all.

      Treat people the way you want to be treated. Don't use a come on like "ha, that was weak" because A: they may not have intended it to be strong and B: It's just plain out rude. If you don't have anything nice to say just don't say anything at all. 

     The most important part: It's just a game. No need in getting worked up over a game. Just shake it off if something makes you mad. No need to argue or get into huge arguments over just a game, or a match or two.

     I think if we all relax a little, use our heads, and maybe just dint worry so much, we'd all see the game for what it really is; The best game in the world!!!!

    Soo, all I ask is that we just think a little, remember why were all really here, to have a blast

Thanks guys for reading, I hope it may have influenced some of your opinions.



Jan 05, 2010
Jul 18, 2009
Thank you, Just wish more people would read it.


May 24, 2009
I agree, to many people complaining, i like the original pvp...

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
There are parts where you're correct, and other parts when it's just opinions. That's not a bad thing though. To many people in this world, a game could be more then just a game, just like when you were a little kid how a toy was way more then just a boy, and you become fond of it. There is nothing wrong about getting mad or even just not getting mad because emotions are how people are, some people get annoyed easily, some don't get annoyed at all, and some get annoyed at times. Don't always expect to know the person's expressions, because remember, it's just a keyboard and how they type.

For the spamming thing, if you look in the dictionary, you'll find that word. It's a real word, but at times not used at the correct definition. Using a spell a bunch of times would be considered spamming, but it's a spell, weak spells are the only and yes, only spells that could make amazing spamming comboes. It goes from weak to ok damage to strong to major impact.

Nice post though!

Feb 16, 2011
how can I win on pvp vs hight RNK I balance and I keep dying

Feb 03, 2012
PvP is a great thing but as we all know there are the some few people who ruin great things :( If we could all just learn how to respect people and and have real pride in ourselves then PvP could become the great thing it has always been. Great post glad i read it :)