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PvP interface

Oct 27, 2009
Although I don't enter the arena much I can see there are a few problems with pvp and I thought I would take a crack at solving some of the problems.

My basic idea a pvp interface where players can chose certain options like these:
Number of players per team [don't mind] [1][2][3][4]
Allow treasure cards[don't mind][yes][no][only heals][only non attack spells]
--Would stop wild bolt for all schools but storm and no versions with improved accuracy
Allow stun only spells [don't mind][yes][no]
--One way to stop chain stunning (would not ban spells with stun as a 2nd effect like Storm Lord)
Allow consecutive stuns[don't mind][yes][no]
--Another way to stop chain stunning, after being stunned one turn you would be immune to all stuns the next turn (storm lord and frost giant would still do damage)

How it would work:
Everything in the [] would be a button. The best way to explain it is with an example. Say you wanted a a pvp battle that is not 1v1, you want treasure cards like tower shield but not wild bolt, and you are ok with stun spells but you don't want to be stunned two turns in a row (chain stunning) this is what you would choose.
Number of players [2][3][4]
Allow treasure cards[only non attack spells]
Allow stun only spells[don't mind] (equivalent of picking all other options)
Allow consecutive stuns[no]

A few notes:
-I am basing this on funorb's system
-the default setting for all options is [don't mind]
-This could make it take longer for people to find pvp match though, or it could make it take less time because more people might chose to enter the arena in the first place.
-I would not give the option of banning spells like judgment or spells that have a stun as a second effect because doing so would be unfair to their respective schools.
-If you have any options you would like to add post it.

What do you think?