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PvP in its current state- No reason for returning

Jul 09, 2009
After doing pvp for quite a while this morning, I can now remember why I quit this game for 2 years after playing it non-stop.
The pvp aspect of the game is immensely one-sided. When I started playing, PVP is all I did. I had lots of fun with it, and I found myself winning lots of matches against all odds and overall enjoying my experience. However, when I decided to return to w101, I tried pvping as I usually would on my level 30 death wizard and found myself constantly being pitted against warlords who had typical crown and warlord level gear. I find it upsetting if not truly depressing that skill can be interchanged with wealth in a game that has such potential. It seems that Wizard101 PvP has fallen to the "Pay to Win" category that all games try to avoid. I understand, however, that Wizard101 is a small game and the developers need money to keep it running. Although it would be great if we could find a middle ground between the "all out pay to win dump 200$ into this game and get warlord within a weekend" and "buy a wand with crowns but pvp fairly and have a relative matchmaking system." Another thing i'd like to touch on that I guarantee has been talked about in the past but never addressedor acknowledged by the developers of Wizard101: the flawed pvp matchmaking system. Even on my level 85 storm wizard, I constantly find myself being put up against level 95 warlords with (not surprisingly,) level 95 crown-bought gear. It seems that pvp becomes unplayable without crowns after level 50, as you get matched up with anyone who can be found the quickest. This is the flaw with the matchmaking system. I almost guarantee that people like me and other people that are trying to work their way up the PvP ladder would rather wait 5 minutes for a fair match than a 15 second wait to get anyone that's within 50 levels of us.
Overall, I see no reason to come back to this game in its current state. PvP was the main aspect that kept me playing wizard. Questing, for me, has become unplayable with the constant collect quests thrown at you and pointless story line progression that ends up leading every player to the same outcome.
If someone would like to see screenshots or video proof of how many warlords I have been matched up against (I'm a sergeant right now on my death wizard that I mainly pvp on,) then I would be glad to supply it.
Please, KI. Address this issue before you lose countless other PvPers that are fed up with having to pay to get a fair fight in battle.
Thank you, and I wish you all the best.