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PvP Ideas!!

Aug 09, 2008
hey everyone, i thought of some ideas for the game.

first, i think it would be cool if the wings on the girl's commander robe moved. since the boy's robe has the cape that billows in the 'breeze' and moves a little. i think it would make people want to get the robe more and it would make it pretty.

second, it is annoying when after i take off arena gear, my mana is at 0. i think that after you take off your gear, it should be the same as before you put on the gear. if you think about it, you didn't even use the mana and it's kind of unfair. if someone needs your help, and you don't have time to fill up your mana, then they could die before you get there. i know potions can fill it up easily, but i think that's kind of a waste, because you could use them for filling up your health and mana when you need it, like in a dungeon.

thanks for taking the time to read this if you did! (:

Apr 02, 2009
Your first idea is pretty good, but I really like your second one. When you take off the arena gear you should have the same mana you did before you put it on.

Jul 12, 2009
you know i too have an idea....

I think that it would be awesome if you could customize the rules of every match that you create with you and or your opponents. Because honestly those tower shields are bogus lol. I just think that it would be a sweet idea if they added match customization to the game.

Sep 15, 2008
well the idea about no tower shields wont be fair because you wont be able to protect yourself form balance wizards and there judgement!!! LOL

Feb 21, 2009
I like the idea on the manna, and I think having some options to customize a match would be great. I would do more pvp if I could play 4v4 with out the possibility of a myth wizard and earthquak,e and I would do more 1v1 if I wouldn't have to fight balance wizards and judgement.