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PvP guide for level 5 storm fire and ice

Mar 17, 2014
I have heard a lot of people asking for level 5 pvp guides :) I have 4 different school guides . First my school fire. level 5 crowns gear. Deck, 3 infections, 3 fire elf 2 fire cats. side deck, 1 monstrous fire elf, 2 tower shield 2 orthurus and the rest of the slots helephant, Ice same gear, deck, 2 beetle, 3 serpent, 3 fire elf, no infection . side deck, 1 ice bird one1i helephant 3 tower shield 1 enchant frost beetle. Storm, same gear, deck, full hits and infection side deck, 2 enchant lighting bats 1 enchant snake 1 thunderzilla and the rest tower shield. good luck! :)

Aug 20, 2011
I don't think this will work, these play setups are inflexible and lack defensive capabilities. If I am the opponent, literally all I have to do is cast shields and weakness, and all the big hits are ruined. Meanwhile, you will be vulnerable to hits and have very limited health, so all I have to do is hit you a few times with Infallible and the win is mine.

Mar 17, 2014
Uh i forgot say shields o. o i knew i forgot something i have warlords that used this exact strategy but with tower, Ok here is the guide, Actually i got lazy :P 2 helephant 2 tower shields thunder snake and 2 bats tower shield, ice i didnt shield a all :) and got a perfect rank up to warlord :)