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PvP, Go Back In Time

Jan 03, 2009
Look at us. Every single person who ever played pvp. Chances are, you have either complained about it, or you quit the game because of it. I remember back when pvp was you walk into the arena, go into the circle,and fight with anyone just for fun. No ranking. No arena tickets. Just fighting for fun. Then what happened was KI made the system of pvp that we still use today, however, all of the damage was increased. That was eliminated due to fan complaints. Then, for me, with my about 20 level fire character, we had fun in arena. I used to be so good with him. While my friend who started a little before me went on to be a grandmaster, i stayed on my spot in kroksphinx doing pvp (I am now a lot better than them her at pvp). This was before housing, crafting, Grizzleheim, and all of the things since then. Ah, good times. But now, pvp is crazy. While before it mattered that the opponent didn't know my type, it doesn't now. Now i just get killed too quick. Before it didn't matter if you talked to your opponent. Now it does. Then we went through a list of phases. First Judgement, then Tempest, Wild Bolt, and finally chain stunning. Next is Earthquake. And out of all of the craziness, there is only one thing i want out of pvp. Not less Judgement, not less Tempest, not less Wild Bolt, not less stunning, not even less Earthquake. I want PvP to go back in time. Back to the old arena, back to When it was for fun, back to when there was no rank or arena tickets. Thank you.

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.
Hunter Thunderdust, Level 39 Fire

Feb 15, 2010
I would very well like it if it did go that way again.

Dont back down,dont run away,And dont get cold feet.-Blaze Skyfist