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PvP glitch

Oct 28, 2011
\This has happened to me many times and it is starting to get really annoying.
My computer is not very fast and I currently can not buy a new one. But when I enter a match and my computer does not load fast enough it does not allow me to join the battle, it takes me to the arena and i am in the middl0e where everyone is fighting but i am not able to join, it is even worse when i do ranked, because i mostly do 1v1, and I lose my ranking, so i was wondering if something could be done about this glitch/bug.

Here are some suggestions that I have that you could do to fix it.
1) You can increase the time amount before the match starts.
2) If it is ranked PvP and you do not make it in the battle on time, you do not lose any ranking.
3) You can make it so only if you are in the match but do not make it in on time but are in the center of the ring and the battle has gone passed round 3 then you are able to join.

Thank You and I hope you are able to fix this glitch/bug
Chris legendflame90

Our support team can help you but you need to contact us at support@wizard101.com - contact us through email, and when you contact support, please ensure that you give us:
->the account name
->the character name
->your dxdiag file
->as much information about what you encountered as you can, including error messages or screenshots

NEVER send us:
->your password
->your full credit card information

The more information you give up front, the faster your issue can be resolved. It can take up to 48 hours before you receive a response.

A DxDiag is a utility designed to display the specifications of your computer hardware, as well as to test DirectX software, including sound and video. If you are asked for this information, it helps the support group relate your gaming issue to your personal computer.

To create a dxdiag.txt just go to Start -> Run (or Search in Vista) and enter dxdiag and click OK. Once the program has run its course, click "Save all Information" and it will output a txt file that you can attach to your email.