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Jul 06, 2009
why do you got to be ranked high to get gear???? is that KI way of telling us to get it anyway you can???

no they have no rules about use of cards but to do so now would mean a lot of people lose gear cause thats how they got it

playing out of the treasure deck

wild bolt storm lords whatever out of school card we can get to get it

maybe if KI let everyone with the tickets have all the gear you would not have people using out of school cards

i mean really whats the point after KI does that

and we can have a lot more fun in pvp

and gives everyone a even shot at winning

Feb 03, 2009
i have been playing this game for about ten months now and i have 6 wizards main being michael icerider grandmaster warlord thaumaturge and balance warlord grandmaster and i am here to tell you it is a reward to get the gear if everyone who lost a thousand matches could get the gear where would be the challange...and just to let you know no matter what KI does you cannot keep people from wanting to cheat their way to the top. and btw treasure cards are not cheats they are limited and all the better players use them...if you have a problem with treasure cards dont pvp cause that is what the slots are for in your deck...not saying i like wild bolt i think an accurate wild bolt is cheap unless you are under level 20 but thats just me...anyway i hope you find a way to win...it is possible just more of a challenge i would suggest finding some friends that are good at pvp.

Nov 23, 2008
The PvP gear is a reward for battling well in the arena, it shows what you have accomplished.

Beyond that I have no idea what you are writing about.

Jul 06, 2009
it is and not for bolting your way to a win??????

then you take the gear and use it on other people that dont have it so where is the challange there????

the reward is that you have it and they dont means more than likely you will win 80% of the time

Losing coming from other gear wizards(15%) of the time
challange where?

i mean unless you like locked fights

should the challange only be for them and not you??

i mean come on some people do wear a tower -50%

so you want people to think you fight well then prove it let everyone have the gear so its fair

the best wizard would still be the best

Apr 03, 2009
You need to improve your strategy and not your gear...

Only using my school gear, I have been able to get to over 1200 rank points. It is possible to beat fully geared opponents.

Jul 06, 2009
its a strategy to hit me with wild bolt?
i am storm

all wizards got it but we still have the lowest life kinda odd dont ya think