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pvp free for all combo

May 04, 2010
i am wondering about some combo's for pvp matches so everybody has better chances at winning. combo's for 1v1 2v2 3v3 and 4v4 here are some examples:

1. combo name: disaster master : this is good for 2v2 and 3v3. for 2v2 your team will need two of these spells: tempest; meteor strike; blizzard for 3v3 your team will need all of the spells they all prepare for the attack and unleash it when they need to cause damage the most

2. combo name: mega storm: one player uses windstorm which increases storm damage by 20% then the other ether uses storm lord or tempest which causes damage to all enemies for each pip it causes mega storm damage if you use enough pips: ideal for powerful hits 10-20 this would be extremely deadly for 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 :-)

3.healing smash: required: one life wizard and two storm wizards: the life wizard gets pips for rebirth and one storm wizard uses windstorm to increase storm damage and the other storm wizard uses storm lord so the enemies get massive damage and your team gets massive protection and healing. NOTE: all of the attacks must be used on the same turn!

Jun 06, 2009
i got a 4v4 one, but it requires careful planning.

doomsday: going first is myth, with a storm, a fire, and a balance after it in any order.

all players have stocked pips, have at least 5 power pips, have placed multiple blades upon themselves, and have put only generic or myth traps.

"doomsday" begins.
the conjurer uses an earthquake to get rid of all shields, setting off the myth and generic traps.
the sorcerer targets the enemy with the most health with judgement (judgement day :-P )
the diviner uses tempest.
the pyromancer uses meteorstrike.

elemental chaos is a 4v4 finishing move for when there is only one enemy left.

a storm, an ice, and a fire are, in any order, the first three. a balance is fourth. all have placed a myriad of elemental and generic blades and traps.

"elemental chaos" begins.
the storm uses triton.
the fire uses helephant (NOT heckhound or dragon).
the ice uses colossus.
the balance cleans up the remaining traps with hydra.

exterminate requires any combination of wizards other than life (sorry guys).

all combatants have set up traps and blades, making sure that multiple generic traps are laid.

"exterminate" begins.
all combatants use thier rank 7 attack spells.

please note that all the above combinations can be used against malistaire.