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Pvp fix, Sorta...

Apr 22, 2012
Okay, so many of you dislike it very much when people complain about pvp, i don't because it gives KI information on how they can improve it. Well, I have some ideas of my own...

1. Treasure Cards- I know people like to use them and I shouldn't be judging them but here is my opinion. I go on my lvl 66 private fire wizard, I get paired up with a lower level warlord, they use a really high level tc, and i'm dead. I thought that pvp was to test your strategy against other wizards, not who has the most gold/money. I just think there should be a level cap on tc, so a level 10 can't have rain of fire in pvp...
2. Jade Gear- Okay, i don't dislike jade gear, I think it is a good strategy, but I think that there should be an opposite to it, to counter it.
3. The matching system- I know you have worked on it a lot and I think your reasoning is great! But, treasure cards make it not even worth it. Sure, a low level warlord and a high level private would be evenly matched against each other, but with tc, there's not really much of a difference. The warlord has either spells higher level or equal level to their opponent, which seems like to high level wizards, 1 warlord, 1 private. I think you should just make the tc's available to any school, but your level trainable or below only.

I also know a lot of you will say "If you can beat them, join them" well, i've tried it and it's really hard for a lvl 66 to get tc higher lvl then them...

I also appreciate what you HAVE done for pvp, for example...

1. Puppeting- I know it's not ENTIRELY gone, but it has drastically decreased in numbers
2. Viewing- I used to never watch pvp, it got kinda boring watching it in 3rd person, but I love the new spectator mode, it makes it seem like your really in the battle, sometimes, I actually get ready to choose my next spell xD
3. I'm sure you made more but I can't think of any right now...

Thanks for reading, I hope these changes could be made in the current pvp, or make a new age with these changes ( I would prefer the new age as my rank is below 200 due to the things I wish to be changed )

If you are ever feeling down, have some peanut butter. And I don't CARE if you don't like it! xD

Nov 14, 2010
there is piercing to counter jade and i think tc should be your school only cause those low levels need tc but its not fair when an ice wizard casts wild bolt or trition