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PVP fix needed: School Specific Trap Stacking

Aug 19, 2012
Okay KI, I'm begging you to do something about school specific trap stacking. With potent trap and regular combinations on elemental trap (or spirit trap) plus the regular one from the school and then the treasure card versions there are at least 5 stackable school specific traps that you can put on someone. Now this is also true with blades. The difference is, if your opponent blades you can use enfeeble or earth quake to remove them. If you opponent traps you with a school specific (with anything other than death) traps you really can't get them off. CLEANSE WARD doesn't work, because with the spirit and elemental one cast puts on three traps. To remove the stack I mention above (3 elemental regular (fire storm ice), 3 elemental potent (fire storm ice), 1 school regular, 1 school potent, and then 2 treasure card you'd have to cast cleanse ward 10 times (you can't even add that to your deck, but they can do it in just a few cards). They can also apply them faster than you can take them off because they put on 3 at once, you can only take off 1 at a time.
The biggest problem with this is shatter. Because they can stack all these traps on you (especially if they wear jade) over a long period and you can't get them off... then shatter your shields (which leaves traps) and hit and kill you in one hit. If they have full jade, you cannot kill them before they kill you, because if you try to blade up they can remove yours, but you can never remove the traps.
We really need a cleanse all wards spell, like we have for blades and shields to stop this... either that or everyone is just going to become a jade wearing trap stacker and that makes for a terribly boring game.

May 18, 2010
There are things other than PvP to do.

All I hear about PvP is whining and complaining. We can't have the "perfect" PvP.

Aug 19, 2012
Not for a level 90. I have won all quest, advanced all my characters, so no, i don't have a lot more to do. BTW, the only reason i played this game was for PVP and tournaments, so until the new world opens, I would really like to be able to PVP. That's not a decent response to my post. I appreciate the fact that you are "tired" and "whiny" about having to hear about PVP, but if PVP is broken it needs to be fixed.