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Pvp filter needed for ranked matches

Nov 06, 2010
I really just log out and consider cancelling my account after a day like today. Match after match, I am hammered by toons twice my level, with all of their glorious hps, pp%, and giant damaging critical spells.

It is a waste of my time and money.

Since there is a filter for the practice matches, it should be in effect for the ranked matches. There really is no excuse.

I continue to be disappointed in Kings isle for the lack of attention to the lower level player's plight in this matter.

A+ Student
Mar 02, 2010
No one ever said ranking up is easy, especially if you're a low level. If you lose to high levels, then take from those losses. See why you lost. How do you think many low levels overcame this and became warlord?

Jul 30, 2010
lower lvl with high rank VS higher level with pathetic rank = the match you had. unfortunately if you are not good enough to beat those higher lvl players you are going to stay at that current rank for a while. ( use treasures)

Nov 06, 2010
How do lower levels get high ranks? Some team with friends of max level and rise through the ranks quickly. I have noticed many friends teams, but that isn't strategy, that is a win through overwhelming odds others.

I also know there is no beating toons with double the hit points who can crit on me, while I can't critical. Or I can put up shields and get pierced? yeah, lesson learned; the system is defective.

Oct 15, 2009
The worst part about it is if a lower level high rank beats a high level low rank the high rank only gets 1 point. I have had matches where I didnt even get a point. If you lose however, you lose 20+ points. Usually that means a whole rank.

For people that play this game for pvp exclusively that is a huge injustice. It is an injustice that has been mention time after time. The lack of addressing this states that KI has made their position loud and clear.