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PvP Feedback Friday

Oct 31, 2010
To my knowledge there has not been a Feedback Friday on this topic recently, but if there has please let me know. If there has not, this would be very interesting to see in the near future, but doubtful to happen as KI probably know about the many problems they have failed to address. I believe one under this topic would be extremely beneficial to the game, and could possibly help lead to a PvP overhaul, which is highly needed and would bring many players back. It would also be more helpful to the game than most previous Feedback Fridays, and it would show that KI still care about PvP, which I currently doubt is true.

Until we get an actual PvP Feedback Friday, why don't we start our own here? People who take part in PvP and have a good knowledge of it, please reply letting me know what you currently think of it, and ideas to fix it.

Oct 31, 2010
And not a single reply... Well, let's hope all the complaining on the PvP section of the central forum is enough for KI to realize PvP is in huge need of some help.

Dec 14, 2009
Tyler Dream on Dec 9, 2015 wrote:
And not a single reply... Well, let's hope all the complaining on the PvP section of the central forum is enough for KI to realize PvP is in huge need of some help.
You have a good idea, but sadly most people who participated in pvp are no longer there. Just take a look at ranked matches, or tournaments at any given time, and you will find them practically bare. As I have stated many times before, "customer loyalty is not absolute". If they are not treated with respect on their purchases, they will spend their money elsewhere, and that's exactly what is happening.

Jun 24, 2015
I'm with Intrepidatius about everything he mentioned.

PvP is becoming... Just amazing. Ridiculous.

I just watched a match, level 50 ice warlord vs. a level 80 storm rank 321. Who won? Well, I think that knowing how KI has made 3rd age PvP, we might all know who won.
I was just watching this match and the storm kept spamming hits like crazy, and critted on every single one of them. He even critted when he wanded his opponent.

This is just horrific. PvP is supposed to be about skill, not about pure unfairness. The warlord was even playing well. He was picking his cards correctly etc., but the storm had a much higher chance of critical and landing on the ice level 50. How is that fair?!

The only reason why I still play is because I've been with kingsisle since 2009, and I've spent so much money on it that it's not even funny. Kingsisle should seriously do something about the critical system in PvP.

Oct 31, 2010
It saddens me to see how many people have gone, I have never seen the PvP community in game and on forums so bare. If only the most loyal players were listened to, this never would have happened. It says a lot about how much this game cares about loyal players and the experience they have in the Arena. The majority of PvPers know KI will never listen and help fix PvP, so they have just left instead.

Jan 18, 2013
I am also with Intrepidatius.

Welcome to the section of the game KI pays no attention to. Just look at the other sections of the message boards where KI actually responds to their players. When was the last time you saw KI respond to something in the PvP message boards? Sometimes i wonder if they even read what we write.

Has anyone tried to find a match in the arena these days? The wait is forever. Why? Because everyone has stopped playing and moved on. Why? Because PvP has become progressively worse with very little sign of intent to fix it. KI has been so busy pleasing the PvE players that they have neglected and lost an entire target audience. I guess it is only us stubborn ones left.

I'm still here because I can see the potential the game's concept has. If not for all the issues. I really do believe Wizard101 could be one of the best turn based PvP games ever, up there with games such as Hearth Stone. But in order for this to be plausible, KI needs to identify the problems and actually do something about them. This is sad because if they listen to their players then the game may actually be great. We, the players know all the problems and we often have the solutions as well, and we tell them here on the message boards, but they don't listen.

Eventually, if there continues to be no sign or intention to address PvP's issues I will also give up on this game and move on. My three brothers all got frustrated and left about a year ago for this reason. I almost went with them, but I stayed because I thought Wizard101 was a work in progress and these issues would eventually be resolved.

I still have a little bit of stubbornness left.

Dec 19, 2009
Honestly, your post hit everything directly on the head. I quit about 3/4ths of the way through 2nd age pvp. I had a level 50 ice warlord (2300 rank or so) and a level 50 balance warlord (around 1800 rank). My ice would only verse lvl 90's with garbage rank the 321 as mentioned previously or I would end up playing against level 70's that were also warlord. How that was fair, I have not a clue, but it's all that I would face, and when all you get is level 90 storms with 441 crit and 90 damage, who crit every time and are able to spam 2 pip spells that hit 1000 a pop, what are you supposed to do? How is there any way to combat that? My ice was pure damage output (87% damage) where my balance was a tank and played for the long game. My balance had 69 resist to storm and 74% resist to myth, I would still get absolutely demolished by them. This really ruined the game for me because I was no longer able to stand a chance.

And don't even get me started on 2v2's, 3v3's or 4v4's...... PUPPETS friggen galore. Not much else to say besides that. I used play at least one or two tourneys a day, which is what I ended up doing for pvp because I would get people my level. Then it started to thin out and tourneys started to become harder and harder to get into because of a lack of people.

Jun 12, 2014
okay let me explain this to everyone KI did not break the game or anything like that. it is only the first world of the new arc there will be better gear coming out if they do not attempt to make changes now the game will be broken once gear that is better than mali's comes out. and second off if you are getting crit on so much then just wait for free tourney to get the new athame I have it on one of my accounts and it is working pretty well I block 8/10 times with 82% chance and I still have really nice damage and resist so before you go and complain about it think about that. they made gear to balance out your stats if you need more help watch youtube videos of people who pvp and what kind of gear they have on all they put on the the rat amulet and the new athame so quit complaining and play the game!