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PVP discount in exchange for rare gear?

Jun 26, 2009
I feel like it would be a good idea for Wizard101 to make a discount for ranked/ Tourney PVP in exchange for rare gear. Each piece of gear would have its own worth. Regular gear that can be sold at the bazaar would be worth nothing, while crowns gear, no auction gear, and other rare kinds of gear would have a certain amount of worth.
Over time, some people would start spending more than what they had saved. This would benefit Wizard101 overall. The more money put into the game = the more workers get paid = more updates and a better playing experience.
This would also benefit the players who have rare gear that they don't have anywhere to put. I know many players who spend hundreds on packs, but then end up with crowns gear that they didn't want, so they stuff their (shared) bank with the junk. They will be able to use the crowns gear for something they find worthwhile.
For major Tourneys, people can put in a set of gear that is worth big bucks, and the gear is shown on a board. Whoever wants that gear would pay for the Tournament, specifically for the gear. Not only would they be recieving really good gear, but they would be earning arena tickets and working on their pvp status.
The only things that they would have to submit is a hat, robe, and shoes (if you want to include wands that would be cool too). If darkmoor gear gets submitted, people would be more interested in paying for tourneys, therefore giving a bigger profit to Wizard101.