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PvP Disconnect Bug...

Jan 04, 2011
I am sure it was the good intention of KI to make it so that disconnected PvP Wizards don't lose rank... But in every competitive online games I have ever played, this does not work. People will ALWAYS abuse disconnect protection. People even do it in online Chess and Poker (major poker sites dropped disconnect protection for that).

I understand that there are whiny people playing this game and the word "unfair" is thrown around so much that it hurts my head; however, that doesn't mean whining = right. If you get disconnected and lost rank, I am sorry, that's life. Wizard101 cannot afford to follow a bad PvP model just to silence the whinners.

Do you think that it generates more/less discontent when PvPers realized that they can beat someone much stronger than them (Commander vs Warlord) yet, have the gutless Warlord glitch out to protect their rank? That's the definition of "unfair". In the end, everyone will be FORCED to use the disconnect bug in order to stay competitve in PvP. This is not a healthy environment for PvP to get into.

Disconnects happen to everyone, it's fair, it's fine, it's life. Get rid of the disconnect protection for PvP before the ELO system gets out of control (it's supposed to be zero sum, where rank is transferred from one player to another NOT generated out of thin-air).

Jan 29, 2011
look I get your not exactly happy, but yesterday, I did 2v2 and 3v3 and every time I went Into third round it disconnected so how is that fair to lose rank because your connection isn't the best?
I don't know why it happened but it wouldn't have been fair for me to lose my rank because of that

thanks for reading this post :)

Dec 11, 2012
i am lvl 30 and i was warlord before i lost my rank. but i was going against a lvl 76 and i would of won with efreet but right when i am about to press the button i lose connection and my rank goes down to captain? how is that possible if we lose connection ki needs to make it so we dont ;lose our rank!