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pvp complaints

Dec 13, 2009
i come here and all i see is complaints people need to learn that treasure cards are apart of the game and it's not cheating, i use treasures and i have fun using them

May 24, 2009
I think others are complaining about high ranked treasure cards being used by novice wizards in pvp, not the low level treasure cards :-P I know its part of the game and all but players get frustrated when other schools use them as an alternative to "win" in theses matches. An example would be wild bolt used by a level five life( Which i seen a lot lol) and people consider it "cheating" because its a cheap way to win. In my opinion i just think its not fair and don't consider it "cheating", just saying. :-D

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Sep 07, 2009
The trouble is that if you have a level 5 wizard and you continue to win, you will inevitably be placed in a duel against a wizard that you can not beat without such cards.

In other words, if we want to see level 5 wizards stop using Sniper Wild Bolts in the arena, then KI will need to make some changes. Until then, it's part of the game and we have to prepare for it accordingly.

To some degree it helps my non-Storm characters. Everyone else goes into the arena assuming that I'm going to be Storm because it's so popular or that I'm going to Bolt regardless of my school. I use that advantage because they waste turns putting up storm shields and if I'm smart about how I play, sometimes they'll waste pips putting a Dispel on me. That said, I'd be thrilled if each player was limited to only 1 treasure card per fight. Then we'd all have to choose carefully what we want it to be.

Nov 25, 2009
Desiny Dragoncoin lvl 42

I use treasure cards.

I don't mind if low lvl people use them.

It is part of the game.

People seem to complain about treasures usually because they lose.

I'm glad to see quite a few people here aren't against treasure cards.

Dec 21, 2008