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pvp complaining

May 30, 2009
i have been playing this game for about 5 months. i started out with a death wizard. i lost so many matches to judgement, storm lord, wild bolt, ice giant, and fire dragon that i almost quit pvp completely. so i then made a storm wizard, if you cant beat them join them lol. at no time i have ever called a player a cheater. most the time i never even talk to them. yes storm has powerfull attacks like wild bolts and storm lord. but so do the other schools. balance even has a bolt of there own when it hits. now players call cheat if you use a treasure card. i have even been reported because i wild bolted a guy give me a break pls. i have had judgement hit me for over 4000 points even with a absorb shield. no player can live thru that. or have them play 3 fire dragons in the same round. you will die period. but let my team use 2 storm lords in the same round the call chain stun on you. a chain stun is when you stun a player then the next round you remove that stun shield and re stun them again so they will miss playing 2 turns in a row. the whole idea of pvp is to beat your opponents. its not to attack them then let them heal. i just get tired of ppl crying because they lose. oh yeah and being first has a advantage also. but i dont say they cheated because they went first