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Pvp boring

Dec 23, 2010
I really want a high 95 wizard, but pvp at those levels is just spam spam spam.

I think this is like my 3rd post complaining about higher levels. I have a magus that goes against level 70s, and yes it's manageable to beat them, but all she does is shield, hit, or conviction.

I no longer blade since my opponents spam their school spells, so I don't have the time. I really miss versing people with mixed schools, such as a balance with a myth mastery, or even a fire with a balance mastery. It's really creative and it gives me tons of different ideas on pvp strategy.

I would much rather verse a warlord grandmaster than a transcendent private. At least I won't be dying for stupid reasons such as a critical lighting bats.

Seriously, I know it's hard to change the way this game is going, but KI should try to make this game less mindless. Thanks.