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Pvp becoming a problem for me

Feb 15, 2011
When I'm bored, I like to pvp, but it is getting over run by balance wizards. I'm starting to have pvp annoyance because of this reason. Can you possibly add a setting that we can choose what schools we don't want to versus? That would help a lot, or possibly make a loophole around them spamming stuff like shields, entangle, or different types of weaknesses for different other schools?

Aug 20, 2011
Avoiding Balance won't solve your PvP problems.

If you're below level 48, just carry trained tower shields, treasure card tower shields, trained weakness, and treasure card weakness. You might also carry a Dark Pact treasure card, for when a Balance Wizard feints you. The key is, when you see them start to power up, power them back down. Balance wizards who fail to win with their trademark "one-shot Judgment" really have their hands tied. Suddenly, they have to use their pips to heal and protect themselves rather than mowing you over like they had planned.

They tend to stop using the one-hit Judgment strategy at higher levels. If you're above level 60, make sure to focus on using middle level hits, Ranks 2-5, since there's an increased risk your opponent will be packing Mana Burn. Use Glacial, Thermic, or Volcanic shields to protect from Spectral Blast (often they won't attempt to break these once you place them). Carry some Cleanse and Dark Pact treasure cards to deal with inevitable weaknesses. If you can, use damage over time (DoT) hits--the only good ways Balance can counter this is with a Triage treasure card or with Helping/Availing Hands, which cost a lot of pips.