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Pvp Athame Glitch.

Jul 13, 2010
Hey, you guys know the duelist athame and ring??

I am not sure if this is just a glitch for me or everyone but.
U no how there are same looking gear with different stat base on lvl.

Well is normal for the hat robe and wand and etc but not the wthame and ring.

I am lvl 61 n when i press on any of the athame n ring they all show lvl 60 athame n ring stat.
The price are different but the stat it display are all lvl 60.

And of course i didnt want to buy the cheap one even though it give lvl 60 stat cuz it might give me a lvl 10 one after purchase. But anyway this is some thing i want to let other know if they are aware of it... Thx :)