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Pvp Armor Help

Aug 17, 2014
Hey guys I am a Journeyman (17) and want to learn were I can start to get my first pvp gear. I have tried just pvping with gear I get for Pve but it fails badly.

All help is appreciated

Oct 22, 2009
Good to see some new PVPers.

If you want, you can do some practice PVP with my team to fine tune your strategy. I am starting up ranked as well, so I can help you rank up a bit too.

Look for the following team in the arena:
Cori Story
Tasha Blue
Autumn Blade

I am usually in 3v3 or 4v4. Please let me know your name, as I usually have my friend requests turned off.

Aug 17, 2014
@Shunon Ok I will try to add you during this weekend when I get on.

Aug 17, 2014
Aug 20, 2011
At your level, you have a couple of options:
  • Commander gear is the best, but not an option since you're just starting. (Also note, veteran gear is not very good and costs a lot of tickets, I suggest you skip it)
  • Winter Palace set from the Yuletide Packs gives the next best stats. If you don't have the Level 10 tier set already, or don't have the money to go pack-diving this holiday season, then this won't be an option either.
Be aware that free gear is at a disadvantage in the arena. To compensate for poor resistance, make sure your pet has Spell Proof and Spell Defy trained. I suggest you try the Gloomchill, Sorrowscale, or Dawngrave gearsets (craftable, recipes from Zamfir) or else use Suten's Hood of Repose, Balmy Tunic, and Keymaster's Languid Boots.

If you can spare any money for a Heartsteel athame, buy it. It's the best crowns investment a low level PvP wizard can make. Ring and deck, up to you.