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PVP arena opponents

Dec 20, 2008
ok so i just got into the pvp ranked matches but it seems all i get for opponents are way higher than my with way more health to so i always fail can any one help me?

Sep 28, 2008
let me explain it. Ki does not want people to wait too long just for one ranked match so they put in a person in your match closest to your level. so sometimes you might get someone lower then you or maybe just a lvl higher, maybe same level, or at pwnage level which is master or higher. Also here is another tip when wanting to do ranked pvp's do it during the day because chances are your gonna get someone either lower then you or same level. but when doing it at night you have a lower chance of getting to fight someone lower or same lvl as you but a higher chance of getting someone at pwnage lvl.

Hope this help!

Cassandra EarthCrafter
Myth LVL 30

Dec 28, 2008
Just do your best till they fix the arena match up. Ranking should not account for matching up. It should be base on Levels. Ranking should only show how good a player is.

Mar 29, 2009
I'm really trying to enjoy Wizard 101 and the Arena battles are my favorite part.

But I'm level 22 and tonight I fought 10 matches. I was given a Grandmaster or Master for all 10 fights. AT LEVEL 22!!!! ... seriously ... come on.

I'm a computer programmer and I'd love to see the algorithm used to assign match up because all I can figure out is that it REALLY takes the rank of the person way too much into account.

I'm a okay arena fighter ... I actually defeated 4 of the 10 opponents ... but only because 2 of them decided it was taking too long to kill me and fled and one ran out of cards.

There has to be a way to fix the rankings match-ups even if I have to wait longer to get a match ... and SERIOUSLY stop counting rank as much as you are KI. I understand if it factors in a bit into the math ... but a level 22 player should not get 10 straight games with opponents you have double his hit points and levels.

That's just nuts ... and more importantly ... was not fun which is why I joined Wizard 101 to actually have some fun.

May 11, 2009
I agree the arena is pretty wacked. I started playing pvp with my life wizards around level 25 and was seriously over matched i could heal but didnt have nearly the power to take down some of the masters and grandmasters. I lost many duels for running out of cards I since learned reshuffle but still at 4 pips to cast I lose my ability to heal and died anyways.
I since started a balance wizard it was level 16 and i was pairing up against the masters and grand masters. Basically i needed to load every shield and weakness i had in my deck just to stay alive from a well timed blow. You know many grandmasters can still one shot a guy that only has a 50% shield and 1200 hit points.
The system needs to be changed even if i have to wait longer for an even match up i'm more then willing. At least make it within 5-10 levels and seriously why do i lose 16 points dieing to a level 50 and gain 14 beating a level 45. I stated the match with a massive handicap so why do i get penalized for even trying . Sure I made commander at 16 but i cant keep it long enough. I think i'm very good at deciding the best cards to cast and make a good strat for winning but some matches are just hopeless time synks. I have only lost once to somebody my level and 9 times to a master or higher. Rank may mean i'm good but there is a limit to what i can do.

Flint BoomHammer
level 26 balance formally commander of the arena
Kane Darkblade
level 46 Life captain of the arena

Jul 19, 2009
well IDK what good it'll do to complain as well, but your all right. I am a level 5 and the higher my rank gets the higher my opponents get. I mean, come on, like a level 5 really has a chance fighting levels 16-22? It really should be matched by level to balance out the deck size, health, and strength of the cards. As well the power pips. there is only two ways to get power pips at level 5 and both require buying items with cash and even so its only a 3% chance with both the item and the pet equipped .


PS) Also, and know this is off subject, but when are we going to see other weapons like the Umbra sword? I like it and almost ordered a back issue to get it, but its Death and I play another school.