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PVP and rank

Oct 16, 2009
In the pvp it like a ladder tournament. So when you lose its a good thing and when you win its a good thing. You will keep losing or winning till you fight people around your fight skills. So please don't complain about losing.

Aug 21, 2009
It most definately is not like a ladder tournament. In a ladder tournament players are required to play a miniumum of X amount of times in X amount of time or else lose rank. In ladders the best players often aren't the ones who actually hold the better ranks but rather those who hold the ranks kind of form their own social group and if you aren't part of it you likely aren't going to be allowed to advance that far. This game further complicates things by allowing only only the higher ranks to obtain higher ranked gear, and should you lose rank you are no longer able to equip such gear, and for most the way the ranking system is structured it is far easier to lose rank than to gain rank.

Oct 16, 2009
They rank you down so you can play easier people and that you might be able to win easier that the concept of an ladder tournament.