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PvP and losing Ranked Rating

Mar 08, 2009

My son plays this game (sorry, I don't have time to play it), and his is 8. He enjoys the game, and has grinded to level 29.

Here's the problem. He goes into PvP, and loses alot against higher ranked players (so he says). He gets very upset because he *loses* ranked rating when defeated.

Now, I play a few MMOs, and I have never heard of such a mechanic. Why do you lose ranked rating? He is trying hard to get some decent gear, but the only way to get this stuff is to grind it out in PvP. You'd think that this RR would be a cumulative counter that you work to improve your ranking. Taking away from points earned earlier is just destructive. He is threateniong to ragequit due to this. I could see you gaining ranked rating but why take away something that people (especially lowere level players) work so hard to get?

Is there any dicussion anywhere about this? It doesn't make sense to me to lose RR when you get defeated, I would think you just didn't gain any (*that* makes sense). Also, why can't you see people's levels before you enter PvP battles? All this does is setup lowere level players who are working hard at grinding to to get crushed by the more experienced players, and losing the RR further compunds this problem.