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PvP and Crown bought gear

Apr 18, 2010
So im quite new to this game, and started playing it for free.

I have now subscribed to it, as i wanted to support the game, and further more enjoy the PvP options. Ive been playing some really cool matches with people around my own level.

Then suddenly i joined a streak of matches, which i could possibly not win, as my opponents had a list of far more potent spells than i... it became clear to he, that it was because they had used a lot of crowns, to get some special gear, that is far more powerful than anything i can get without.

So not only do i have to subscribe to get into PvP, now i also have to spend a lot of money, to get special gear....

I find the idea of making cool paid equipment ok. But the difference this is making in PvP makes me consider other P2P mmo RPG's again.

The ones who are using gear from crowns, and those who are not, should be split up so they dont duel each other in ranked matches. It is not nice to both pay 10 bucks a month, and then not be able to enjoy some fair matches in PvP, because you are not spending even more on crowns.

Dec 23, 2009
All the crown-specific gear I've seen is junk. Usually gives you armor with a blue card that isn't even in your school and wouldn't use.

I can't tell you how hard I laughed when someone with six power pips blew them all on an earthquake that only took off two shields and one blade, and didn't even kill my pet. He ended up getting whipped shortly after.

Apr 18, 2010
I guess the problems is more in levels.
There the crown equipment gives you a lot of extra HP, and the 700-800 damage spells the pets can give you, are rather devastating :p

Jun 03, 2009
Speaking as a wizard who owns almost every piece of crown gear out there I have to say yes its handy sure but for pvp not so much If one is skilled and makes grandmaster and lucky enough to get their grandmaster gear in drops this can pose another problem the gear you get as grand does not protect you from other schools attacks with the exception of Ice school.
When questing before I make grandmaster my rule of thumb was always wear my crown gear. :D I have found mixing and matching different pieces helps a lot also.
To the wizard who wrote about this at the start I have to say move on quest get the best drops you can from bosses I have seen players and I have myself gotten crown gear as a drop at some boss battles Good luck have fun in game
Fallon Grandmaster of storm