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PvP a place that has an errie tone.

Sep 18, 2009
PvP is so quiet because otherwise they can see your stats. Can you please change that. Also when you beat some people they report you.

Example: Today i beat a master storm. (I am GM fire.)Then she called me in quotes NOOB!.And she reported me.

Can you please put more bans for this. Also i have read that it is false reporting to report someone for false reporting but one of my friends told me that it is not. Can someone please answer this.

Aug 21, 2009
agreed... the other side should not be able to view your character sheet, and there is really no need for your team members to be looking at that information during PvP either

as far as false reportings go, I suggest a player warning statement stating that false reporting is an offense be readable before players report... also it should not be allowable to have more than one individual report a player at any one short moment of time, people have learned if you report someone enough times that they will lose their ability to text chat for 24 hours and some people abuse players like that so that the players will lose their text without any sort of examination... players who mass report to rid people's ability to text should be dealt with harshly