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pvp a fair fight or an unfair fight

Jun 04, 2009
i feel that bolt is the only way people win in arena so i am asking if kingsisle can reduce the attack instead of take bolt off or anything cause that isnt fair but all i want is for you guys to try to reduce the attack or make it more pips so people wouldnt loose there rank so easly cause i stopped pvp just because of bolters so please do something about it.

Aug 21, 2009
PvP is totally unfair... the team that goes first essentially has one more pip than the team that goes last as it has the first opportunity to play its pips, also the team that goes first can see what adverse cards are played upon it before playing their next card so as to always avoid losing pips during dispels and always avoid beguile as well as damage reductions and the like. Also friends tables can sit whoever they want at their table including multiple players controlled by the same person where as non-friends tables can't pick where they even sit. Non-ranked tables are more fair than ranked tables as players can see who they are up against, sit where they want, and avoid fights that are unfair in terms of team players. Some teams you just don't want to go up against cause you know all they are going to do is chain stun, or at least try to, or kill in a way that is largely undefendable should they go first. People also don't like to always be matched up against the same team they are constantly being pawned by and have virtually no chance against given the team make ups.

Aug 21, 2009
I think if PvP were fair more people would actually be playing it. I largely stopped playing it when I went last forteen games in a row.

Dec 14, 2009
seasnake wrote:
I largely stopped playing it when I went last forteen games in a row.


Nov 21, 2009
The only reason I am playing it is to get the commander arena robe for PvE (I will stitch it). But it is impossible to get commander :(