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Sep 28, 2012
i think pvp is not fair at all because privates have to battle warlords or other higher stuff. i think privates need to battle privates and corporals. please change this. thank you. firelugia09 out

Aug 23, 2012
The warlords that the privates battle are much lower levels than them. They still have a chance to win, and if they do, the private gets rewarded majorly for it. If they lose, they dont lose much at all because they lost to a high ranked player.

Feb 02, 2010
I am not happy either i completely agree i am battling first age warlords that are ina range of my level of 80 through 90 i am level 90. Then we have people with jade gear spam shields etc. and storm they always keep on using wild bolt and they have super high strength. i am very frusturated now my rank is below 400. i dont spam shields or have high defense saying that i am ice. balance mana burns way too often this one battle i didnt even get to attack because mana burns. I only like fighting death and fire since they dont do things in a unfair manner. life heals after every attack!