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Oct 04, 2010
Just putting it out there, I've been a rank private in PvP for the whole time I've had my character. No matter what I do I always lose. I've tried my best gear, pets, wands.... nothing. Anyone want to start a team, only people having this issue? Every week we'll meet up in game and just do ranked matches and will eventually be victorious warlords. First three posters are in, then we'll decide what days of the week we'll be meeting up in. Hopes to see you in the spiral...

- Scarlet Moonstone lvl 41

Dec 24, 2009
Hello, you posted on of my threads earlier and I want in on your team venture. We can both benefit from being a team. I'm level 81 and I'm still a private. My rank has never gone over 550... I'm gonna let that sink in for a minute...

Anyways I really believe we can work well together. Hope to see you around the spiral!

Richard BattleStone lvl 81