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Puppet/Tran/Leg teams vs magus and adept

Mar 26, 2009
I am trying to rank my lvl 36 death. I have over 1700 arena tickets. I had a rank of 777. I worked hard all week to get this rank. For a puppet team to take 30 points in one match. If we were to win, would have got maybe 3-5 points. A lvl 3 ice makes the match with a lvl 70 myth and lvl 70 death. Do you not see anything wrong with this? Theirs more than enough complaints on central pertaining this issue. I understand pvp doesnt make you money? Is that why the issue hasnt been adressed? I pay for 3 active accounts and i like to pvp with my low lvl friends. I shouldnt have to be robbed and cheated of points because this wont be fixed. I am not the only one who feels this way but I think you will lose alot of players and customers due to this. It may just be a game to some but I have been playing this "game for almost 3years". It saddens me nothing is being done.

Dec 14, 2009
Agreed. I wish I could understand why KI has not fixed this issue in the past. The posts on central as well as here make them completely aware of this exploit. I also question, since this is a family game, what morals are being projected here? It's perfectly fine to use your friends for your own personal gain?

Mar 15, 2009
the point thing dose bite,KI only listens to PvPers,and if you been playing for three years you would know that what few ppl play now is only a very very small amount of ppl that use to play,use to be hundreds of matchs going on all the time never waited for a match for long and use to be fun.

But now the foul mouthed players with under handed tactics,bullying,and yes even stalking other players an making the game no fun an unsafe,
PvP is a usless part of the game all it does is cause problems for other players young/old an makes what is surppose to be fun into a hateful place to be,So drop PvP from the game an most of the problems are fixed.

M.RedBlood Death

Oct 22, 2011
I think one of the things KI should do with PVP, is disable treasure cards. It would level the playing field so much more.

Plus, you should have opponents approximately the same level as you are, even in teams, AND based on experience (how many times you've PVP'd)

I PVP'd 3 or 4 times with my first wizard. It was the worst experience I've ever had. I was taunted and bullied each time. Although I won them all, I refuse to play PVP any more, nor have I played with any of my other 5 wizards.

I think PVP should only be able to use deck cards. This would teach the player to use only what they've earned. By using treasure cards, very low rank wizards can use spells like Efreet and wipe the opponent off the map in no time. Is that fair? NO.

PVP needs to be overhauled.