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Mar 18, 2011
Hi! I was pvping the other day and a friend had asked me to join him. I truly and sincerely had no idea what puppeting is, and I still don't know. So he's a warlord lvl 15 i think? and I'm max lvl but private and have had so many more losses than wins, it's really bad xD
Anyways these 2 ice wizards we were fighting and they were both warlord and really hard to beat. I finished them by a little bit, almost dying myself. At the end of the fight one of them reported me and I don't know why. One of them was extremely rude and started yelling at me for puppeting?

Can someone pleas explain this concept to me? thanks

Jun 30, 2012
Puppeting is when a really high level wizard joins with a low level wizard in order to win and rank the lower level wizard up. It is almost always accompanied by the high level wiz logging out or fleeing to avoid being ranked higher in pvp and actually losing rank while winning. They don't gain tickets, but their partner does and the partner levels up toward warlord. If the high rank wiz has warlord gear and is ranked low, they are impossible to beat.

What you did was NOT puppeting! Just because a high level wiz plays with a lower level wiz, that is not puppeting! You do not have the warlord gear which creates the difference in abilities. Without warlord gear, you are vulnerable, and like you said, almost lost.

Too many people think a high level wiz should not play with a low level wiz and that is not the case. A low level warlord can fight and win against high level non warlords or wiz without warlord gear.

Aug 20, 2011
The traditional definition of puppeting is where a very low-level wizard takes a high-level PvP partner (usually a very low ranking), who has much more powerful spells and abilities. The idea is that the opponents the PvP engine selects will be significantly lower level than the high level player, and they will not be able to deal with the level difference. Hence, the high level is a "puppet" of the low-level partner, or vice versa.

Lately, dissatisfied players have been trying to make new definitions of "puppet," such as "rank puppet," in which a warlord and a private of the same level team up. I mostly chalk that up to whining, as spinoff definitions tend to come from people who are especially humiliated by losing.