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Jun 28, 2009
K so my friend she's a max storm and she recently did pvp with her friend a level 60 fire warlord she was at knight.

They do 2v2 together and I kinda got tired of seeing the people they face call them puppets because one the people they faced almost all the time was 2 maxes. Now I can understand like 2 level 50 warlords or so raging, and screaming puppets. However it was 2 maxes who were complaining... Um they should be happy it's a max and a legendary they have no right to complain. I'm pretty sure she and her friend should be the ones complaining but they don't take the game so serious so they don't. What made me laugh was they did a match got the same maxes like twice and beat them twice and the dude complains they were cheating.

She got to commander with a legendary team mate playing mostly exalted people, which I think is harder on her part and kinda impresses me she made it to commander that way. So I mean honestly is wt she doing considered puppet.

Sep 19, 2013
It could be because:
a) They thought she was trying to get lower level opponents with her "puppet" but failed.
b) They lost and need to find something to blame. Every gamer knows that they are the best and any losses must come from cheating/hacking/OP something or other.